Can I have my returns paid into any bank account?
When your returns are due to be paid, we will always check with you first about which bank account you want to use to receive the money, and this can be any bank of your choosing.

I live outside of the European Union, can I still invest into your project?
No problem at all. We can and do accept clients from all over the globe. As long as you have a valid passport, driving license or photo ID and a bank account, you can invest with Serge Energy.

What is Biomass?
Biomass is organic material that comes from trees, plants and animals. It’s one of the most common sources for renewable energy.
Biomass contains stored energy from the sun. Plants absorb the sun's energy through photosynthesis, and when pellets, made from that biomass, are burned, they release their stored chemical energy as heat. Biomass can be burned directly or converted to liquid biofuels or biogas, these can also be burned as fuels.

Is the investment insured?
Our projects are fully insured by IF insurance, a leading Nordic insurer. The policy number is SP2255583.1.2, you can read more about this on our ´Company Information´ page, on our website.

Who owns the land my biomass is located on?
You do. All investors own a 100-year lease on the land with the biomass that they invest in. That gives them full rights to the land, for as long as they wish during the 100 years. However, after the 5 year biomass investment period ends, and investors have received the returns from the sale of their pellets, we would generally sell their land on their behalf, as most people prefer to have the money at this stage. But, if you wish to continue ownership of the land, you are free to do so.

Who owns Serge Energy?
Serge Energy is owned by Mark Jackson.

Where is Serge Energy located?
Our main office is in Helsinki, in Finland. We have affiliate offices in other locations but Helsinki is our main location. We are at:

Serge Energy OY
Fredrikinkatu 61,

Can I visit your office in Finland?
We welcome all visitors. But be sure to book an appointment as we all have busy schedules, we are keeping everything on track out at our sites or visiting distribution chains and other logistics. We wouldn’t want you to come all this way and the person you want to chat to isn’t here.

Can I visit the project?
You are very welcome to visit the project. Just to let you know, we will be organizing group visits in summer 2020 as well. If you wish to travel to the site before then you are more than welcome but again please give us plenty of notice. Visiting the site can be a wonderful experience, as long as you have lots of anti-midge cream on in the summer! (small flies that are not dangerous but are annoying), and Finland can be very cold at times too. With the weather sometimes limiting easy access to sites - just call and we will advise you.

How do I keep up to date with the progress of my investment?
Your personal consultant will be your primary source of information regarding your investment and will give you regular updates about the progress of the project. Along with this, you will receive a quarterly newsletter from the company which will give you up to date insights into the world of renewable energy. Please bear in mind that this is not a volatile investment, and therefore there are not regular changes in pricing and volume like you would see if you invested in stocks and shares.

Can I take my money out at any time?
Not quickly. It is not like the Stock or Bond Market. You cannot instantly withdraw your money from the investment, as you are the physical owner of the developing biomass. However, you can sell your investment either through the company or privately. We realise that no one would choose to sell their investment before the end of its term unless a personal situation forced them to and because of this Serge Energy would give as much support as needed to a client to facilitate the process.

What are the tax implications of this investment?
We are not tax advisors. But, we can tell you that in Finland, the production of renewable energy is not taxed, which is one of the many reasons that we chose Finland. However, when money is returned to you after the investment matures, you may be liable to personal tax in your domiciled country. As everyone’s tax circumstances are different this means that unfortunately, we cannot give advice on this and if you are concerned about this, we would suggest you seek independent tax advice.

How can I make an investment?
If you wish to make an investment then the first step would be to contact your assigned consultant and they will then request the following information from you:

-Full Name(s) or Company Name(s) that you wish to appear on your investment contract

-Full Address that you wish to appear on your investment contract

-Number of Units you wish to acquire i.e. 1 Unit, 2 Units or 4 Units

-A copy of a valid passport, driving license or photo ID

-Designated communication email address

-Designated communication telephone number

Once this the information has been received it will be passed to our administration department who will process your request and confirm all the information with you in the form of a 5-minute compliance call. This is generally done within 24 hours from when you submit your investment request.

After this call, you will receive your investment contract and invoice, and as mentioned during the previous call, you will have 5 working days to return the contract (sign, scan and email a copy back to us) and transfer the funds as per the banking instructions on the invoice.

Once the funds have been received in our account you will receive a notification from your assigned consultant and within 7 days you will also receive your paid invoice and your investment ownership document.

What banks do you use?
We have accounts with Transfer wise multi-currency account based in Belgium, one of the most secure financial banking locations in Europe. We have chosen Transferwise because it allows our investors to easily use any currency of their choosing when investing with Serge Energy.

Is the investment government backed?
The simple the answer is no, our investments are not government backed. However, they are underpinned by recent and prominent EU legislation which states that all EU member states MUST reduce their use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions and replace them with renewable energy sources such as Solar, Biomass and Wind.

Can I see the company formation documents?
Yes, all of the company information is available on the Finnish government service which can be found by going to

Can I invest with you in other countries?
Yes, in North America. Please ask you consultant for details.

Have returns for investors been paid on time and were they the expected value?
Yes, all scheduled returns have been paid on time. And yes, all returns paid to investors were for the expected values or higher.

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