Find our what our clients say about us:

“I met serge Energy investment option by an Instagram adv back in 2019. The idea of investing in something that could help the globe while granting a good return immediately caught my mind. For sure it was not easy to take “the risk” knowing basically nothing about biomass and being aware that Serge Energy was a new and small company thousands of kilometers away from me. James Nobel was my assigned consultant, the communication with him was always pleasant and extremely professional, so I decided to invest in 1 Unit in Finland…and then 2.2 more! The expected first returns at the end of 2021 were even slightly higher than expected and I decided to entirely re-invest them in Canada this time. I hope the company will continue to grow and to offer such an interesting vehicle of investments in the coming years!!!”

– Gaetano P, Valencia

“Michael Tett has been my consultant at Serge Energy since 2019, and has guided my through the investment procedures, updates and returns procedures including sorting out some problems that I encountered with my bank paying the investment amount twice (he managed to organise the immediate return of the that the very next day to my relief) so I am very happy with my relationship with the company.”

– Polina Vasilenko, Moscow

“Mr. Michael Tett is a competent consultant at Serge Energy OY and very knowledgeable who always give me appropriate information and much responsive. I appreciate his continuous service.”

– Tomohiro Sat, Hong Kong

“Serge Energy is giving me the opportunity to invest with integrity. I feel in true coherence earning money safely without harming the planet. I am completely grateful for finding a way to contribute to the ecology by helping to grow the clean energy sector. Serge Energy is a pioneer and example to the world in finding the balance between finance and ecology. We have no more time left, turning to renewable energy with urgency to counteract climate change. Serge Energy is at the forefront and has given me the certainty and security that I need as an investor and an excellent ROI. All my trust for you Serge Energy!”

– Mariana A, Mexico

“Investing in Serge Energy has been one of the best things I have done in the last few years.  My consultant, Michael Tett, has been extremely helpful from the very beginning, providing me with all the necessary information on my investment, answering all questions and updating me with news on how my investment is progressing, changes in pellet prices as well as other important information.  He has always been prompt in his e-mail replies, answering my questions and showing empathy and patience on several occasions.  I have really enjoyed having him as my consultant and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.”

– Maria P, Europe

“Michael Tett assists us in our investment with Serge Energy. Not only we are always punctually and fully informed and reported to our  best satisfaction but moreover he  always goes over the edge, with that extra personal element of service which does make THE difference. Much appreciated.”

– Jaime, Spain

“I love the contact with my consultant Michael (Tett). He informs me about the company, my investment and all the actual things who are relative every quarter by e-mail. If needed I can send him an e-mail or make a phone call. He’s always willing to help or answer my questions.”

– Mark

“I got to know about Serge Energy through a friend when discussing some investment opportunities, James Nobel was the consultant that I got in touch with. The communication with James has been always prompt, transparent and professional. I knew very little about this market, but by doing some research I noticed that there were several reasons to have confidence in it, specially the government policies towards reducing greenhouse emissions, as well, Serge energy is associated with a few market organizations that give it credibility. From all these I decided to invest in a couple of units in Finland in 2019 and as originally planned I received my 2 year payment from the first sale of the biomass in late 2021. The experience has been good so far and I hope other products are developed in the future”

– Marcial T

“I found out about Serge Energy on Instagram and as I like renewables I asked for information. Within a couple of days, I received a call from Bradey Heath, my consultant.
With the information I received, I liked the Biomass project, an ethical renewable energy source in Europe. I also took the time to read and research Serge Energy. Being a small and “new” company made me doubt but with all the assurances and the good communication they have I decided to invest in a unit part, being young (26) and a part-time worker.
Communication is their best asset and has always been excellent. Bradey keeps calling me once every 6-8 weeks to keep in touch and give information about the process and the news in Serge Energy.
I don’t have much experience in investing, but this is the best so far.”

– Ibai Z, Basque Country, Spain